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Order - Updation of HR Data in MIS-GIS portal
Govt. Notification regarding Mamata Scheme of NHM, Assam
Govt. Notification regarding Implementing Programmes of NHM, Assam
Govt. Notification on Nehru Arogyasri- a comprehensive free health care scheme for students upto 18 Years
Govt. Notification on Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme
Govt. Notofication on CHO (RHP)
Office Memorandum regarding clarification on Rural Areas
Evening OPD Guideline
Job Responsibilities of various posts
Self Appraisal formats
Guideline for ‘Enhanced Compensation Scheme -2014’ for sterilization services of Family Planning for the year 2014-15 and onwards (Dated 31st October 2014)
Implementation Guidelines of the School Health Programme under NRHM, Assam
Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for (Revised 2012)
Sub Centre
Annexures 1
Annexures 2
Application form for Assam Arogya Nidhi
Corrigendum related to inclusion of PPP Charitable Hospitals under JSSK
Operational Guideline Implementation of Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) - Dated 18th August 2012
Format for 10% Verification of JSY Beneficiaries institution wise
Modified Work-plan and other Activities of ANMs (regular and Contractual) (3rd August 2012)
Clarification of Revised Incentives for ASHA (25th January 2011)
Revised Guidelines for Morom
Introduction of Modified Version of JSY Card
Guidelines for use of Zinc Tablets
Guidelines for De-worming of Young Children
Iron supplementation guidelines for children 6-60 months
Guidelines for Vitamin A supplementation
Guidelines on Micro Birth planning for JSY and Mamoni Beneficiaries (10th June 2010)
Disbursement of JSY incentives to beneficiaries and ASHA (5th June 2010)
Guideline for Release of Family Planning Fund for the year 2010-11 (3rd June 2010)
Routine use of Tab Misoprostal Tab. for prevention of PPH & Inj. Magnesium Sulphate for management of Eclampsia and other Maternal Health issues
Guidelines for Link Worker Bicycle
Guidelines for activities to be covered during Health Mela
Guidelines for ASHA Bicycle under Assam Bikas Yojana
District RoP 2009-10
Family Planning
Fund Release to District Health Society (2009-10)
Revised Guideline for Conducting Village Health & Nutrition Day (Jul 09)
Guideline for release of sterilization fund - May 2009
Guideline for Micro Birth Planning for JSY and Mamoni Beneficieries
Guideline for Majoni
Guideline for Mamoni
Release of fund per Electronic Transfer to District Health Society Accounts
Audit Guideline


Financial Guidelines:
Infection Management and Environment Plan (IMEP)
Stabilization Unit
Guidelines For Setting Up Blood Storage Centres At First Referral Units
Convergence between the National Aids Control Programme (NACP) and the Department of Health and Family Welfare (DOHFW)
Broad Framework for Preparation of District Health Action Plans
Facilitator's Guide for Conducting Training for ANMS, LHVS and Staff Nurses as a skilled Birth Attendant
Framework for developing health insurance programmes
Guidelines For Operationalising First Referral Units
Guidelines for Ante-Natal Care and Skilled Attendance at Birth by ANMs AND LHVs
Guidelines for constitution of Rogi Kalyan Samiti/ Hospital Management Society
Guidelines for Health melas
Guidelines for Operationalising a Primary Health Centre for Providing 24-Hour Delivery and Newborn Care Under RCH-II
Guidelines for Village Health and Sanitaion Committees, Sub Centres, PHCS AND CHCS
National Guidelines on Prevention, Management and Control of Reproductive Tract Infections including Sexually Transmitted Infections
Life Saving Anaesthetic Skills for Emergency Obstetric Care
Mission Document ( 2005-2012 )
National Health Policy 2002
Guidelines for Department of Family Welfare Supported NGO Schemes
Guidelines for Pregnancy Care and Management of Common Obstetric
Complications by Medical Officers
Framework for Implementation 2005-2012
Panchayati Raj Institutions and Health and Family Welfare Programmes – an Executive Summary
Draft Report of the Reconstituted Task Group on Public Private Partnership Under NRHM
RHS Bulletin March 2006 Tables
Guidelines for AWWs/ASHAs/ANMs/PRIs
Bulletin on Rural Health Statistics in India
Detailed Instruction for Aditors Panel-2007-08
Guidelines on Prevention, Management and Control of Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs) including Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's)

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