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Village Health & Nutrition Day (VHND)

Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) or Health Day is observed every month in every village of the state to provide health care services to women, adolescents and children. ASHA, AWW & ANM organized Health day and mobilized the women, adolescents and children. On this day, health related issues like nutrition, personal hygiene, care during pregnancy, importance of antenatal & post natal care, institutional deliveries, immunization, etc are discussed. There is increase in Health Day after selection and training of ASHAs.

Trend of Organizing Village Health & Nutrition Day (VHND) in Assam

VHND Guideline

District Wise VHND (Health Day) 2015-16 (Apr-Mar)

District Wise VHND (Health Day) 2014-15 (Apr-Mar)

District Wise VHND (Health Day) 2013-14 (Apr-Mar)

District Wise VHND (Health Day) 2012-13 (Apr-Mar)

District Wise VHND (Health Day) 2011-12

District Wise VHND (Health Day) 2010-11

District Wise Health Day (2009-10)

District Wise Health Day (2008-09)

District Wise Health Day (2007-08)


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