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 1. Work Plan:-


  • Day of Home visit- The ANM will have to visit the houses of the villages under her sub center according to priority.
  • Priority houses-
    1. Where pregnant woman is there but not reported for ANC.
    2. Where new birth takes place.
    3. Where 0-1 year infants is there but not reported for immunization.
    4. Where dropout of immunization is there.
    5. Where lying case due to diseases is there.
    6. Eligible couples not protected by the any method of Family Planning.
    7.Houses where death occurs
  • Out Patient cases are to be treated by keeping the Sub Center open from 8:30 to 2:00 PM.
  • Family Planning service-
    1. Distribution of Nirodh /Oral Pills/ Motivation for IUD and Laparoscopic Sterilization
    2. Treatment of fever cases. Blood slide is to be taken for all fever cases after giving presumptive treatment with Chloroquine.
Dosages of Chloroquine as per age groups
Age in years Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Tab Chloroquine Tab Chloroquine Tab Chloroquine
< 1 ½ ½ ¼
1-4 1 1 ½
5-8 2 2 1
9-14 3 3 1 ½
15 & above 4 4 2
  • Any Patient who is suffering from cough continuously for 2 weeks without relief should be sent for Sputum examination to the Block PHC.


  • First Wednesday of the month Mother and Child Protection (MCP) Session in the Sub Center itself where all RCH Services including immunization will have to be given.
  • Second Wednesday .: Village Session on the furtherest village (5th Village)
  • Third Wednesday : Village Session (4th Village)
  • Fourth Wednesday: Village Session in between 2nd and 3rd Village


Follow up home visit- The ANM will visit the household where any one of the family received services viz. Immunization, Family planning services, Delivery, Referral cases etc. The follow-up visit specially important to track dropout cases of immunization and to motivate the mothers for completion of immunization , need of exclusive breast feeding upto 6 months followed by complementary feeding, care of low birth weight babies, post natal care for mothers.


Health Day : ASHA will organize health day in her village every month in Anganwadi Center with the help of AWW, ANM, LSV, PRI Members, NGO and District Media Expert.

Health Education:
The main Objective of organizing Health Day is to create awareness in the community regarding various services under NRHM such as importance of nutritious food, hygiene and sanitation/need of household latrine/birth preparedness/care during pregnancy and importance of Ante Natal Check up / need of immunization to the infants and pregnant women/ promotion of exclusive breast feeding upto six months followed by complementary feeding use of ORS for the children suffering from diarrhea/ early diagnosis and treatment of Pneumonia/ need of small family/different methods of family planning.

Service Delivery:
All RCH services are to be rendered in the health day.


  • First Saturday of the month : Health Day in the fifth
  • Third Saturday : OPD and FP services

Fifth Week for any left out activities as mentioned in the work plan.

2. Maintenance of Records and Reports:-

  • Register be maintained at Sub center
    1- Village Record Register 2- Sub Center OPD Register 3. UIP Master Register
    4. Family Planning Register 5. Eligible Couple Register 6. MCH Master Register
    7. Stock Ledger (Medicine/ Kits/Instruments/Equipments/ Furniture) Register
    8. Death Register
    9. Register for Recording minutes of S/C Management Committee meeting
    10. Accounts Register for keeping Records of Untied and Maintenance fund.

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